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Articles and Papers

ACL Reconstruction

Delayed ACL Reconstruction Results in Secondary Intra-Articular Pathology

Isolated Articular Cartilage Lesions of the Femoral Trochlea

Effect of duration of delay to surgery following ACL injury (pdf)

Rationale for preference of Bone-Tendon-Bone ACL reconstruction (pdf, 199kb)

Total Knee Replacement

Meniscal Bearing Uncemented TKR: Clinical Results at a mean 2 year review (pdf, 61kb)

Total Knee Replacement

TKR in patients over 75 years of age (pdf, 939kb)

Use of hydroxyapatite in uncemented TKR (pdf)

Anterior femoral cortical line as a guide to femoral component rotation in TKR (pdf)

Kneeling ability after TKR (pdf, 162kb)

Drains in TKR (pdf)

Sports after Total knee replacement (pdf)

Use of Hydroxyapatite in Total knee replacement (pdf)

Arthroscopic Synovectomy for the Treatment of Infection in Total Knee Replacment (pdf, 88kb)

1000 TKR survival paper (pdf)

75 Year Old TKR (pdf)

Arthrolysis For Stiff TKR (pdf)

Bilateral vs Staged TKR (pdf)


The Meniscal "Pseudocyst": A clinical sign of a torn lateral meniscus

The Paediatric Knee

Clinical terminology for describing knee instability (pdf)

Hamstring Injuries (pdf)

Silent transverse patella fracture (pdf)

Patellofemoral Reconstruction, Medium-long term results (pdf)

Outcomes of complete hamstrings rupture repair (pdf)

Long term follow up of PCL injuries (pdf)

ACL Ganglion Cysts, Case Series (pdf)

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