"Bears Forever", Greenberg 1987.

This site explores all problems associated with the knee joint; the knee articular cartilage, the knee meniscii, the knee ligaments, knee arthritis, knee cartilage, knee patella problems, knee replacement, paediatric knee problems, knee injury in sports, knee injury at work, knee synovial disease, and all conditions related to the knee.



Australian Knee Clinic
Incorporating NSW Knee Clinic and Sydney Knee Clinic

The Australian Knee Clinic incorporated in 1974 after Dr Cross returned from Hughston Clinic in Columbus, Georgia. Dr Cross spent 12 months as a fellow to Dr Jack Hughston and returned in October 1999 for the 50th anniversary of the clinic.

The philosophy of the Australian Knee Clinic is based on the sound principles taught and practised by Dr Jack Hughston. Every condition of the knee "from the womb to the tomb" is covered.

Dr Cross was the director of Orthopaedics for the Sydney 2000 Olympics and a member of the board of the Australian National Rugby League (NRL) from 1999 to 2005.

In 2007 Dr Cross was inducted into the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine Hall of Fame, having been a member of AOSSM since 1972.

In 2008 Dr Cross established The STADIUM Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine CENTRE which is based at The Sydney Football Stadium.

The North Sydney Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Centre relocated to the Mater Medical Centre in July 2009.

Dr Mervyn Cross has been awarded the L.O.Betts Medal at the 2011 Annual Scientific meeting of the Australian Orthopaedic Association. This medal is awarded for outstanding contribution to Australian Orthopaedics. It was first issued to Dr Alan Dwyer in 1971, and has been awarded thirty three times since then. Dr Dwyer was one of Dr Cross's mentors and in fact worked at the Mater Hospital, where Dr Cross works now.

Realisation of a Dream

Since commencing practice 35 years ago, it has been my dream to have a facility where patients receive the best Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine treatment available.

The new clinic at the Mater completes and satisfies this dream.

In the new Mater Specialist Clinic we have our consulting rooms and our operating facilities across the corridor. We also have a direct communication to the main hospital. The highly trained staff completes the picture.

This is complemented by an excellent facility at the Stadium where expert Sports and Team Physicians work in close liaison with the Orthopaedic surgeons.

Here I work with my son Dr Tom Cross a renowned Sports Physician.

This dream allows all patients immediate access to an initial consultation, followed by immediate X-Ray, Ultrasound, and MRI. With the operating theatres across the hall maximum efficiency of time and expertise is afforded to the patients.

The fact that all areas of the musculo-skeletal system are covered by super-specialisation also adds to the patients benefit.

Research of a high degree is performed, and many papers are presented at the various local and overseas specialised meetings. The Australian Institute for Musculo-skeletal research is the basic research organisation and has sponsored over seventy overseas fellows from a myriad of countries. At any one time there are a number of overseas fellows at our clinic.

Publications in journals, chapters in books as well two books have been published during the formation of the clinic.

Teaching is accomplished both at the under-graduate and post-graduate level. Registrar training has been well established at the Mater.

The dream has now been realised as we now have a campus with a teaching and research expertise, where complete expert treatment is available for all patients with Orthopaedic and Sports medicine conditions.


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Contact Information:

        Address:   The Mater Clinic

                        Suite 2, 3 -9 Gillies Street,
                        Wollstonecraft, NSW, Australia 2065

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